Foday and Abass

Posted on March 2, 2015 by Emily Scott Written Sunday 3/1 The only word I have been able to find to describe this experience so far is surreal. Today it became real for me. Today was our first day actually treating patients in Maforki, PIH’s Ebola Treatment Unit. Yesterday we set foot there

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Trained and Ready

Written Friday 2/27 Those of you who know me know that I’m always freezing; in the middle of the summer you’ll still likely find me curled up by the fireplace. So maybe I have the ideal constitution for working in an ETU. On Thursday and Friday we donned full PPE and trained in the

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Stairway Troll

Written Wendesday, 2/25 I am currently taking up residence on the stairway landing between the third and fourth floors of our guest house, where the wifi has been most reliably good today. It’s a nice way to meet all the PIH-ers I don’t know yet, as they pass me on

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National Ebola Training Academy Begins

We made it to Sierra Leone! It was touch and go for a minute in DC, where we sat on the tarmac for 3 hours while they plowed the runway and de-iced our plane. As we watched the time for our layover in Brussels trickle away, I started to get

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And We’re Off!

Our stateside training is complete, our passports have arrived complete with our visas just in the nick of time, and today we begin our long trek to Sierra Leone! I’ve utilized all my packing prowess and succeeded in whittling my belongings down to carry-on luggage only, which I’ll admit I’m

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Ebola Response Training Day One

I am officially an Ebola responder with Partner in Health! I arrived in Boston late last night and checked into the Holiday Inn where myself and the 11 other PIH clinicians are staying. I lucked out that I’m here with a friend, Glenn, another nurse who I met on a

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Sue is coming home!

No, it’s not an April Fools joke.  Our patient load is so low all over Freetown, we’re starting to dismantle our ETC.  I think MSF Switzerland will continue to work with the survivors and do outreach/decontaminating homes, etc.  But there is so much capacity in ETCs now, they are less than

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News from Sue in Sierra Leone.

Pic is of sunrise at 7 am over the ICU tent.  So hazy in the morning from overnight fires, smog from vehicles and perhaps a bit of marine mist.  Our ETC backs up onto the ocean. We went 6 days without a new confirmed case.  Today we confirmed one – the

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I wanted to share this picture and story with you for a happy moment.  This man came to us along with his newlywed wife.  His mother had died of Ebola and he fell ill along with his brother, sister and wife.  Unfortunately, his wife was severely ill and died in a

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