Jo’s Nurses: Dream One, Do One, Lead One

Jo’s Nurses is a medical mission program for current, active nurses who have never volunteered abroad but want to begin to incorporate volunteering into their careers. Individuals or small groups of nurses will travel with a mentor from One Nurse At A Time with selected organizations from the One Nurse directory.  One Nurse At A Time provides pre-trip orientation and training so nurses are comfortable and informed, financial support and hands-on supervision.  Nurses commit to at least one additional volunteer mission the year following their Jo’s Nurses experience.

Jo’s Nurses is named after Marilyn Jo Schuyler, an early supporter of One Nurse At A Time, who set up a memorial fund to assist nurses who have never been on a mission before. She hoped the experience would ignite a passion for volunteering.

Our next Jo’s Nurses will be a surgical mission to Chocola, Guatemala September 5–12, 2015 with Refuge International. We are currently accepting applications until July 30th, 2015.



Mentor: Your One Nurse mentor will be Kathryn McCarty.

Support: If you need a scholarship please fill apply for one under the Scholarship tab: (there is no application fee).

Our goal of the trip is to support nurses to a successful first of many missions.  Join our movement to put more nurse into the world!


1.  Please submit a letter of intent to If you are applying for a scholarship that will already be included.

2.  Have two references complete the online reference forms. If you are applying for a scholarship that will already be included.

3.  Spanish language is highly recommended, but lack of language will not exclude a candidate.

4.  Active RN license.

5.  Nurse will pay for the flight and Refuge International costs but can apply for a scholarship through One Nurse.

6.  Nurse makes a moral commitment to do another volunteer trip (anywhere in the world) by the end of 2015.

7.  Nurse should prepare for 1-2 days of travel to and from.

8.  Journalling, sharing experiences with teammates and friends/family/coworkers/media at home, sharing pictures and trip report with One Nurse At A Time, participating in interviews as invited.

9.  Assist with fundraising or other means of support for the Jo’s Nurses program.