I wanted to share this picture and story with you for a happy moment.  This man came to us along with his newlywed wife.  His mother had died of Ebola and he fell ill along with his brother, sister and wife.  Unfortunately, his wife was severely ill and died in a couple days despite our and his best efforts.  He and his sibling survived.
Today he was discharged CURED.  He was elated and spent half an hour with us saying thanks, wanting pictures taken (I asked him if I could share his picture with friends and he said yes).  He told us what he remembered during his illness:  how hard it was to drink because he was so nauseated, but he knew ORS was lifesaving so he continued to drink.  How afraid he was in the night that he wouldn’t live until morning.  How good he felt every time we went in and told him he was doing well and treated him kindly.  He especially remembered me (I’m sure because the blue eyes are all that show behind the PPE) and that we’d saved his life.
A very happy day.  Unfortunately, some of them are so happy and dancing on their way out, only to find their homes empty, interior sprayed with chlorine and door locked, all possessions burned.  No clothes, no mattress (foam pad), no money to buy new things.  Some of the community councils are doing this which is probably going overboard, but in an effort to stop the spread.
Everything they bring with them into the ETC is burned.  Cell phones (we can wash the SIM card in chlorine), belts, shoes, clothes – everything.  Logistics buys clothes at the market and shoes so we try to outfit them in a dignified way for going home after a shower at the exit.
Today we have two little ones in Suspected that I admitted yesterday who are not doing well.  One seizing all night despite a whole lot of valium IV.  Both initially tested negative for Ebola, but symptoms began only 2 days prior, so they have to stay a couple additional days to retest.  Probably malaria causing high fevers, but we’re struggling to keep them alive long enough to get that second test – then we can transfer to the pediatric hospital, but not until we confirm it’s not Ebola.
A 17 yr old girl in ICU isn’t doing well and a pikin of 8.  Two others are OK and we moved one darling boy to Oral Confirmed.  Poor dear was playing all by himself because the other children were too sick.  He is now our resident doctor (he’s 5) – started hanging his toys on the IV hook and pretending he was giving himself a drip.  So cute.  Should have gotten a picture of that.
Celebrate the good and move past the sad.
Love to all,