Australian Volunteers International (AVI)

Nursing services:

Nurses will provide support and training to maternal and child health teams working with educational institutions; supporting public health hospitals through practical training and classroom training; supporting good practice in critical care nursing; providing nursing services in remote communities. Volunteering overseas is an excellent way to build employability skills such as corss-cultural communication, management, problem-solving, networking and resourcefulness. Nurses also broaden their practical experience in dealing with a wide range of medical conditions, establishing clinical processes and practices, and training colleagues. Finally volunteering with AVI offers the opportunity to eneter into the life of a developing community and find experiences and friendships thay you might never have otherwise.


Current nursing license with experience in specialty field; application process

Cost:Most costs are fully covered by AVI
Location:Pacific and Africa
Length:2 years
Faith based:No

Contact information

ContactAarathi Krishnan
ContactMax Campos
Address71 Argyle Street (P.O. Box 350), Fitzroy, , 3065, Austrailia
Phone(03) 9279 1727