Children's Hope in Action (CHIA)

Nursing services:

Children’s Hope in Action (CHIA) is a grassroots non government organisation founded by an Australian woman, Robyn Morley, to especially care for some of the most disadvantaged children in Quang Nam province, central Vietnam.  CHIA believes passionately that it is the right of every child to be raised within a nurturing family environment and have access to essential services which are taken for granted by people living in the Western world.  At CHIA, we focus our efforts and resources in three key areas – health, disability and education services.  Whether it be taking a child to Ho Chi Minh City for heart surgery, providing on-going physiotherapy sessions for children affected by Cerebral Palsy, or providing sponsorships to allow children from very poor families to obtain a complete primary and secondary education, CHIA is determined to ensure these children have a future.   CHIA’s rotation of (western) professionals work side by side with our Vietnamese staff to provide ongoing guidance and training so the standard of services provided by CHIA are continually improving. Some Allied Health fields exist in name only in Vietnam with no academic training available, while in other fields academic training is in its infancy. We also ask that volunteers help to set up resources which can be accessed by all staff and volunteers, and if possible and appropriate, to run community education seminars in their specialist field.  Most volunteers are pleasantly surprised by the intellectual stimulation of facing professional situations rarely experienced in western environments. Volunteering is not without its frustrations – with language, cultural and social misunderstandings common. We always endeavour to present our guidance as ‘consider the advantages of….’, when trying to influence habits and beliefs built up over many generations. A smile and a calm demeanour can go a long way towards smoothing over any differences of opinion. It is very uplifting to deal with our beneficiary families who are incredibly grateful for receiving guidance and direct assistance which they may have been seeking for years.


Current nursing license, application process, medical and travel insurance and up to date relevant inoculations.

Cost:Nurse assumes all costs
Location:Quang Nam province, central Vietnam
Length:3 months minimum
Faith based:No

Contact information

ContactRobyn Morley, Founding Director
AddressP.O. Box 7360, East Brisbane, , 4169, AUSTRALIA
Phone+84 (0)510 3921 487