Children's Relief International

Nursing services:

Children’s Relief International is a proud member of this ancient community of faith and work. We were founded in early 2000 with the initial goal of providing aid for the community of Dondo, Mozambique, a cluster of villages totaling 60,000 souls. The work began in partnership with Jeronimo and Noemia Cessito, local Christian leaders who had a vision to help their community. They named the project Ray of Light, and in the ensuing years it has grown to include several schools, a medical clinic, farm, AIDS hospice, child sponsorship program and several church plants. In 2003 we started a second project in Kenya located just west of Nairobi in Kikuya County (the area where the film Out of Africa was shot). It’s word for orphan, and as the name suggests, its focus is on the care of HIV-AIDS orphans in that area. It was started by George and Jane Kairie, local Christian leaders who provided the original vision for the work and who continue to direct the project to this day. In the past three years, the project has grown to include a poultry and dairy farm and nearly 100 children enrolled in a child sponsorship program.


Pre-application process

Cost:$3,000 a person
Location:Mozambique, Kenya, India
Length:10-15 days
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

ContactAlan Pieratt, PhD, MNM, President, Children's Relief International
AddressP.O. Box 2470, Rockwell, Texas, 75087, USA