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Experienced nurses will be used in a “nurse practitioner” type of capacity as an examiner at a walk-in clinic under the supervision of a doctor. Nurses who are uncomfortable with that can be used to take vital signs and record chief complaints or to work in the pharmacy. Circle of Love Foundation is a non-profit non-denominational evangelical Christian 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to build the kingdom of God by reaching out in the love of Christ to those who are in need. Offering free medical clinics in impoverished areas is the primary vehicle for ministry. At a free medical clinic, an individual has the opportunity to hear the Gospel, receive quality medical care, prescription medications and a Bible in his/her language. Circle of Love seeks to bring about lasting changes through other programs such as planting and building churches, orphanages, children’s ministry, discipleship, micro-development, prison ministry, and disaster relief.


An application including copies of diplomas, licenses and certificates must be submitted. We take nurses at all levels of experience, even student nurses.

Cost:$2,500-$2,800; $1,250 (Guatemala)
Location:Guatemala, Sudan, Botswana, South Africa, Uganda, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos
Length:8-17 days
Faith based:Yes

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ContactHelen Laib, MD, President
Address4804 Innsbruck Dr., Rockford, Illinois, 61114, USA