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Nursing services:

Our organization serves on three mission trips to Yendi, Ghana, and four mission trips to Cap Haitien, Haiti annually.  We  support surgical mission trips, which provide necessary surgeries to underprivileged areas (one physician GYN trained in a catchment area of 400,000.)    During our surgical trips, the nursing staff provides preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative care alongside the Ghanaian staff.  Our primary goal of the nurses are to help educate and empower the local nursing staff.  Our mission goal is to create a sustainable environment to continue to provide for this “forgotten area.”       From the medical side,   the nursing staff go with providers out into the villages to help provide direct care to patients in these forgotten communities.


No specific requirements outside of nursing degrees required, but prefer nursing staff who have experience  of mentoring and educating.

Cost:$2500 per trip
Location:Yendi, Ghana or Cap Haitien, Haiti
Length:10 days to travel to Yendi, Ghana--6 days in country of work. 7 days travel to Haiti -- 5 days of in country work
Faith based:No

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