Dorcas Medical Ministries International, Inc.

Nursing services:

We are a Christian organization using humanitarian aid, primarily medicine in NE Nigeria to promote the Gospel as found in Matt 25:31-46, “As you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.” At present, we make at least 2 short-term out reaches to Nigeria each year in February and November. These out reaches are for 14-23 days working in the primitive bush traveling from village to village daily from our base of operations in Maiduguri. We help in the clinics wherever there is a need but primarily in the preparation of drugs prescribed to the patients. These drugs we bring with us from the States in our luggage so that each team member must allocate one of their checked luggage to the carrying of meds.


Current nursing license, specialty certificate

Cost:$2,500 (average per person) all inclusive
Location:Madiuguri, Nigeria
Length:14 - 23 days
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

ContactRev. Larry Koontz, RN, President
AddressP.O. Box 246, Covington, Georgia, 30015, USA