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Nursing services:

A medical church planting trip incorporates medical, dental, and vision
ministries into our church-planting strategies. Setting up a primary
care clinic in areas where a new church is to be planted, these teams
utilize doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, physician assistants,
physical therapists, pharmacist, paramedics, optometrists, medical students,
and any other person willing to serve. Our objective is to augment the
existing church planting efforts by demonstrating the love of Christ
in a tangible way and to strengthen relationships between the local
church on the field and the surrounding community. (Please note that
the ministries offered on any particular trip are dependent on the team
members recruited. For example, dental can only be offered by those
teams that have recruited a dentist—check with team leaders for more


Current nursing license, application process

Length:7-10 days
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

Organization email:medical@e3partners.org
ContactAnne Lucas, Director e3 Medica
ContactKathleen Wilhelm M.S., PA-C, Assistant Medical Directo
Address1400 Urban Center Drive, Suite 115, Birmingham, Alabama, 35242, USA