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EHA is a fellowship of institutions and individuals that exists to transform communities through caring, with primary focus on the poor and marginalized. Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) was founded in 1970 as an indigenous Christian health and development agency serving the people of North India. Its primary focus is the poor, largely in rural areas. With a catchment population of nearly seven million, EHA treats more than 500,000 patients each year in some of India’s most needy areas. EHA is committed to the transformation of communities with programmes that invest in the health and well being of everyone, irrespective of caste, creed or race. It aims to focus on the development and empowerment of women and the health and nurture of the under fives. The poorest of the poor rarely access health care facilities even at a charitable hospital – therefore EHA is committed to promotive and preventative health programmes. A core activity is training local village women in areas from basic health and hygiene to antenatal care of pregnant women, which together can transform a whole community. Added to this are non-medical interventions in health. Wherever literacy programmes are in place one of the first effects is a fall in the infant mortality rate. Teaching and training in income generation skills and co-operative banking schemes allows villagers to resolve problems in their own way, giving them hope for the future. The long-term result is a community with increased capacity to deal with the challenges it faces and able to enjoy sustainability in their own development


Current nursing license

Cost:Approx Rs. 500 per day at the hospital. Includes boarding and lodging.
Location:North India
Length:8 weeks to 12 months
Faith based:Yes

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Organization email:volunteers@eha-health.org
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