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Gateway Medical Alliance is a humanitarian medical relief and development program for Morocco. By delivering donated US medical supplies and equipment to poor communities not only are people aided medically, but cross-cultural relationships are established. GMA originated as The Morocco Project in 1992 with several trips to assess the need for medical relief in the country. Based on these experiences, GMA developed a humanitarian outreach partnership by sending medical supplies and refurbished medical equipment to many of Morocco’s rural hospitals and primary care centers in cooperation with the Moroccan Ministry of Health, Moroccan charitable associations, Moroccan private health care workers, and expatriates living and working in Morocco. Early shipments of supplies and equipment were done through Northwest Teams International, a Portland, Oregon, USA non-profit organization. As of December 2006 GMA has successfully delivered nineteen shipping containers with a total value of approximately $3.25 million. Working with Morocco-based expatriate colleagues and heath care workers GMA representatives have been able to follow up on the deliveries to optimize future donations. Further assessment of need, done in conjunction with the follow-ups, assures improved and focused future deliveries. More than thirty health care facilities have received materials, all of which have been visited by GMA representatives. Additional sites for donation are continually being added. Procurement and shipping of medical supplies continues to be one of the main focuses of our organization. Currently we do not use nurses in the field but are looking into this possibilty. Volunteers are needed to help sort and pack medical supplies.



Location:Tacoma, WA medical supply warehouse
Faith based:No

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ContactMichael Spiger, MD, President
AddressPMB 172-10611 Canyon Rd E, Puyallup, Washington, 98373, USA