Global Health Outreach (a department of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations)

Nursing services:

The past 100 years of missionary medicine have seen great successes in much of the world. The strategies we have used and the strengths we have focused on have brought physical and spiritual health and healing to millions. The future demands answers to many questions: “Where do we go from here?” “How do go together where God wants us to go?” “How do we most wisely use personnel, partnerships and resources?” “Am I willing to share my knowledge, lessons learned, and skills with others and am I willing to learn from them?” and “Will we spend adequate time in prayer seeking God’s direction for the future?” We have several challenges for the coming years. There is no doubt that missionary medicine and health care are still one of the most effective means of impacting lives worldwide and for bringing about Biblical transformational change in individuals and communities. God has, and always will, use wholistic healthcare to heal lives and bring people to Him.


We need diplomas, transcripts and current license for all nurses for in-country registration and the experience is based upon the needs for the trip, i.e. whether it is a general medicine or surgical trip and those details are listed on our individual trips.

Location:Based upon the location of the individual trip
Length:1-2 weeks
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

ContactShelby Blevins, GHO Orientation Team Associate
AddressP.O. Box 7500, Bristol, Tennessee, 37621, USA