Hands Along the Nile Development Services, Inc (HANDS)

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Nursing services:

HANDS is an American 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that is committed to building bridges between the people of Egypt and the US. In addition to our programs of exchange and dialogue, HANDS also supports projects aimed at bringing socioeconomic stability to Egyptian communities. We believe that this helps create an environment in which democratic ideals can flourish and those susceptible to radical ideologies find peaceful and productive means of pursuing their life goals.  We are announcing a call for American doctors and nurses to participate in our annual Medical Mission to Egypt program. We started the Medical Mission program in response to the numerous requests for professional training voiced by health care professionals working in clinics in underserved areas of Egypt. During this program, US medical professionals will have the opportunity to hold demonstrative treatment campaigns in underprivileged communities in Cairo and Upper Egypt and to present workshops on their specialties for their Egyptian colleagues. Many of the Egyptian participants in this program are from the community based clinics that HANDS supports in Egypt and from public clinics in Cairo and Minia. These clinics regularly participate in our partners’ health care improvement campaigns targeting poor and disadvantaged populations in Cairo and Minia governorates.


Volunteer must possess a valid nursing license.

Cost:Approximately $2,500
Location:Egypt (both Cairo and upper Egypt)
Length:10 - 14 days
Faith based:No

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ContactIvana Smucker, Director of Programs
Address1601 N. Kent Street, Suite 1014, Arlington, Virginia, 22209, USA