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Nursing services:

Medical Trips are conducted in the Village of Lebrun in Haiti at the
HavServe team Project sites. The clinic serves about 50 patients a day
from the surrounding areas and is run by our Haitian nurses and their
team. Medical Trips help us to equip Haitians to help themselves by
working closely with our Haitian medical staff to ensure they can
provide the best possible care to the community.
Travelers will work alongside our Haitian nurses in the Lebrun
community to see patients during the morning, and in the afternoon
will participate in trainings with our Haitian medical team. The 7
days basic trip outline involves 2 days of travel and 5 days of


•Must posses a medical degree (ex – RN, NP, MD, DO, LPN, CNA,
midwife, ultrasound tech, anesthetist, phlebotomist, pathologist,
ophthalmologist, public health, psychologist, mental health
professional, counselor, nutritionist, physical therapist, etc)
•Must be willing to conduct a training on a topic of your specialty
(select from list of requested topics)
•Ability to see all kinds of patients regardless of your specialty
•Ability to take instruction from Haitian nursing staff and team
•French or Creole speaking a plus
•Ability to be extremely flexible in a diverse environment
•Ability to learn and observe more than do and fix
•Ability to live and work in extremely rugged and harsh conditions
without electricity, running water, or modern conveniences
•Ability to deal with complex emotional struggles
•Cultural sensitivity to beliefs and practices different than your

Cost:$300 local transportation and $50 a day for meals,
Location:Lebrun Village - Haiti
Length:A minimum of 1 week.
Faith based:No

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Organization email:volunteer@havserve.org
ContactCarline Brice
AddressP.O. Box 4173, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20914, USA