Helping Hands Healing Ministries, Inc.

Nursing services:

The purpose of Helping Hands Healing Ministries, Inc is to facilitate healing of body, mind, soul and spirit to those in need throughout the world through medical and surgical interventions, prayer, and proclaiming the Good News of salvation. Because the social condition is important to a holistic approach to healing, interventions with aid for housing, clothing, food education, sanitation, and infra-structure will also be considered. Nursing services will depend on the area to which she/he chooses to go to such as schools, orphanages, or community clinics.


Current nursing license; work permit for service lasting longer than 1 month

Cost:Airfare to and from the country where she/he will volunteer
Location:Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Liberia
Length:Variable - to be determined by the nurse with the facility where she/he will serve.
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

Organization email:
ContactDr. Margie Sweeney
AddressP.O. Box 274055, Tampa, Florida, 33688, USA