HOI, (formerly Hounduras Outreach, Inc)

Web address:www.hoi.org
Nursing services:

HOI is a mission group organizationthat sends teams, minimum size 10, maximum 20 to our facility in central Honduras for one week. Each team is required to have a medical professional as part of the team. We always welcome nurses to join these teams for the week’s duration; if more than one medical professional joins the team, each is able to rotate through our on-site clinic which is fully staff by a physician and local medical assistants.


Current nursing license and specialty credentials, Passport

Cost:$750 per person, not including airfare
Location:Central Honduras
Length:1 week
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

Organization email:
ContactEmily Grossman, Group Program Coordinator
Address1990 Lakeside Parkway, Suite 140, Tucker, Georgia, 30345, USA