Institute for Field Research Expeditions (IFRE)

Nursing services:

Volunteers in health project work in local hospitals and assist local doctors and medical staff in the treatment of patients. Volunteers also help in the hospitals by record keeping, sanitation, nutrition or treatment of minor injuries. FRE also offers a highly beneficial one week of the Language and Cultural Immersion Program in these counties. The main goal of the one week language and culture is to introduce local language, culture, traditions and the local ways of life prior to starting the volunteering project. The one week culture immersion program comprises of language training, introduction sessions, discussions, 1-2 days of travel of major tourist areas, village stays, and other programs of cultural immersions. Though we do recommend this one week training to make your volunteer abroad experience successful, you can choose to take the orientation or go directly into a volunteer project. We offer a free Spanish language program in Costa Rica.


Current nursing license and proof of certification and experience in the field

Cost:$350 application fee, plus $299 - $2,000 depending on program fee *see website
Location:China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Uganda
Length:4 days to 12 weeks
Faith based:No

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