International Health Partner(IHPTZ-US)

Nursing services:

International Health Partners is a non-governmental non-profit organization formed to facilitate partnerships from all over the world with Tanzania to improve health care. The IHP-US, Inc. is a sister organization in the US that helps raise funds. IHP-JEMA-TZ is an official NGO (non- governmental international organization) in Tanzania that is on the ground working with the funds to develop the projects. While working on our first project, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to help improve the health care system in Tanzania. While working on our second project at Mwanza, we came to realize that there are 22 million children in Tanzania under the age of 15 and no stand-alone pediatric hospital to serve them. We are now building our third hospital project, The Children’s Hospital at Zinga. The outpatient unit serves both adults and children.

In Tanzania, one woman dies every hour in childbirth, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 140 newborns die every single day.  This will be a teaching facility where doctors, nurses, midwives and medical students can receive specialized training.  The birthing center is in the process of getting a roof, then the neonatal ICU will be started.

Volunteer nurses have come to assist in many ways over the past years and the opportunities are growing.  IHP serves as the vehicle to assist them to work in areas suited to their desires and abilities as well as the needs of the people.


Current nursing license, Swahili is appreciated

Cost:Airfare, lodging and food…about $15 USD a day, plus personal expenses
Location:Mwanza (Nyakato), Tanzania
Length:As able
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

Organization email:
ContactPaula Lofstrom
Address1811 S. 39th Street, #36, Mesa, Arizona, 85206, USA
Phone0255-022-755-665-740 or 011-255-784-749-320 (Mary)