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Nursing services:

Missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette have worked in Haiti since 1972, and have lived full time in Haiti since July, 1991. Their goal is to rear a generation of educated, Christian children to help Haiti’s future, and to save Haiti – one child at a time. As described on our Home page. Our new Jesus Healing Center will open late in 2008. It will be a school clinic. We operate 14 schools in 11 villages, educating and feeding about 5,000 children daily. It will be a community clinic, and it will be a residence malnutrition clinic. We also conduct mobile medical clinics to remote villages. In the healing center, a nurse would work with and under direction of an M.D. or could work alone, assessing physical conditions and caring for injuries and skin infections in the school clinic, caring for malnourished infants and children in the malnutrition clinic and assessing/treating conditions/injuries in the community clinic. Nurses would assess conditions and injuries in the remote med clinics also. Nurses could volunteer to work at clinic in one week or greater intervals or could join a one-week long mission team conducting remote clinics. Speaking Creole would be a bonus, but not necessary. We have interpreters. Tropical medicine or pediatric medicine would also be a bonus.


Current nursing license, passport

Cost:$600-$900 - including airfare and trip fees
Location:Fond Parisien, Haiti or in one of 11 villages
Length:1 week
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

ContactShar Bresheears, Donor Relations
AddressP.O. Box 30744, Tampa, Florida, 33630, USA