Manos Abiertas

Nursing services:

Our volunteers are available twenty-four hours a day. You will be observing consultations and will be asked to help with routine tasks like taking weight, blood pressure and histories. The more you know, the more you will be able to do. That includes delivering babies under supervision when you feel ready and we trust that you have the necessary knowledge. We ask that during your stay you propose a project that will benefit the clinic – something that interests you specifically and you want to share. Possible examples are: drafting a proposal, a decoration for the clinic or an educational project. You can also choose to work on various projects already started. We ask you to submit a proposal to the principal with enough time to complete your project by the end of your stay. In addition to the project, we ask you to add two points to the interns’ manual for the benefit of future interns and also to fill in a satisfaction survey at the end of your stay.



Basic Spanish

Cost:$200.00 per week
Location:Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala
Faith based:No

Contact information

ContactHannah Freiwald
Address2 Calle 2-59 Zona 3, Ciudad Vieja, Alabama, 0, Guatemala