Medical Missions Response

Nursing services:

“If volunteers are the heart beat of MMR, nurses are typically the blood.  Like in most health care settings, nurses are the ones that make things work.  It will be no different on the field.  Nurses will be the most versatile personnel on the field.  You will be asked to perform a number of tasks.  One day, you may be involved in taking vital signs at registration.  The next, you may be working in the pharmacy.  Depending on your comfort level, nurses may also be asked to see patients.  There are many requests in which we send only nurses to perform trainings in various health related subjects.  Please bring along simple instruments that will assist the team.  Items like blood pressure cuffs are usually lacking on the field, yet they are essential for our work.  If possible bring a cuff that can be left behind.  We will likely ask you to train a national in using the blood pressure cuff to take blood pressures.  This will give field personnel an excellent reason to follow up on certain patients.  Know that there is a place for you.  You are needed.  We realize that participating on an MMR project is an act of service for you in many ways.  Not only are you asked to pay your own way to help, for those who are in practice, you are sacrificing important time.  For that, we can’t thank you enough for being willing to assist.  Know this, your time spent on the field WILL help field personnel take steps closer to their goals of seeing disciples made and churches planted.”


Nursing license, passport; Our teams are meant for sharing the message of Christ and assisting the work of missionaries. We do ask for Christian testimonies and do not take non-Christians on our trips.

Cost:$1,500-$3,000 plues volunteers are responsible for airline ticket costs to the project site
Location:North Africa, Middle East and Asia
Length:2 week average
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

AddressP.O. Box 57011, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73157, USA