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Seeking a skilled cardiac nurse educator for a 6-day workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam “English Language Use in Cardiac Care”

The charitable organization MEDRIX is a not-for-profit in Washington State and an International Non-Governmental- Organization licensed in Vietnam.
MEDRIX has been asked by National Children’s Hospital of Hanoi to present a 6-day workshop for Vietnamese Cardiac Intensive Care Nurses.  Their stated goal is to improve English language communication between their CICU nurses and their global colleagues who come to National Children’s Hospital for humanitarian collegial exchanges, particularly in cardiac surgery and post cardiac care.
Description of National Children’s Hospital, Hanoi:   National Children’s Hospital is the largest Children’s Hospital in the northern sector of Vietnam.  Bed capacity is about 1500 with about 2000 in-patients and up to 3000 out-patients daily.   National Children’s is a government owned and operated multi-specialty hospital.

November Team will consist of 5 persons representing MEDRIX:
1.      Nursing Tech/PA student:  Responsibilities:
a.      To teach English Medical Terminology (Latin method of core word, prefix and suffix).  The Vietnamese peoples do not use such a system but rather use a series of Vietnamese words that are descriptive, but not necessarily exclusive to the meaning of the medical condition.
2.      Certified Conversational English as a Second Language Specialist:
a.      To present conversational style and methods used in common English communications.  This person is certificated and has extensive experience working with people who speak English as a second or third language.
3.      Nurse with experience in daily activities of communication with various health care colleagues for multi-services.
a.      To teach methodology of the purposes of the Cardiac Communication Conference listed above.
b.      To assist the Vietnamese nurses to combine and integrate English Language Medical Terminology and conversational English use in their communication their own colleagues and with global colleagues.
4.      Translator and Team Advisor – Vietnamese Native of Hanoi who is highly qualified and has worked with MEDRIX for over 15 years.
5.      Team Leader will be the Executive Director of MEDRIX who is responsible to support and guide team members, and to serve in the capacity as an intermediary between Nursing Leadership of National Children’s and responsibilities of MEDRIX gracious volunteers.
Dates of Workshop Length & Travel Dates:  Classes start on the 8th of November and continue through the morning of the 15th.
1.      Return to Seattle on Saturday the 16th – arriving in Seattle in the evening of the same day.
2.      Continue to Hue, Vietnam with the team, and return to Seattle on November 26th.
General Overview of Administrative Details:
1.      Travel and Licensing Arrangements for Workshop:  All travel and workshop arrangements will be arranged through MEDRIX.
2.      All volunteers with MEDRIX will be required to have all immunizations and other prophylactics up to date.  All MEDRIX forms must be completed and submitted to MEDRIX as directed.
3.      A current passport must be current within 6 months after the exit date of leaving Vietnam.
4.      Visas will be secured through MEDRIX and National Children’s Hospital as the entrance into the hospital requires a special work visa for health care providers.
5.      Housing:  Housing is provided by the hospital and is in a safe and close location to Hospital.  All Volunteers will be asked to share rooms in a “Double Occupancy” but spacious room.
6.      Other general information:  Weekend of November 9th and 10th the team will have opportunity to be a tourist in and around Hanoi. Hanoi has lovely historical sights and hosts all foreign embassies.


General qualifications:
•       Cardiac Nurse Specialists an experienced Nurse Educator or a nurse with experience in cardiac care and a good understanding of the anomalies of the heart – 3-5 years
•       Flexible and a good innovator
•       Skilled in principles of SBAR and relevance to post-cardiac surgical care.
•       Able to travel and work in a collegial opportunity in Vietnam.
•       Enjoys inter-cultural exchanges including conversation and food
•       Speaks English as their first language
•       No disqualifying personal health conditions
Requested:  Purpose of the Cardiac Communication Conference:
•       To understand the core of English Language Medical Terminology
•       To advance current level of English Language Conversational Communications
•       To advance current level of nursing skills in English Language communication between Vietnamese colleagues and their global English-speaking colleagues
•       To better understand English Language Medical Cardiac terminology in the differential diagnostics of pediatric cardiac anomalies
•       To introduce and present the use of SBAR in professional communications
•       To improve skills in communications with visiting English-speaking medical and nursing colleagues.
•       To improve nursing skills in communicating “the true conditions/situations of their patients” to parents and patients in a culturally sensitive manner.

Location:Vietnam - National Children's Hospital - post cardiac care
Length:11 days
Faith based:No

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Address15528 186th Ave NE, Woodinville, Washington, 98072, USA