Mercy and Truth Medical Missions (International)

Nursing services:

Mercy & Truth international medical teams serve in a clinic setting. Clinics are usually established in a public building such as a church or government building. Each health care provider is given an area in which to work and perform his or her duties. Patients with illnesses are treated in privacy and with confidentiality. If patients have severe or life threatening illness, they are assisted in finding care at the nearest medical facility or hospital. After seeing a healthcare professional, patients are escorted, if they desire, to the spiritual counseling area, and then on to the pharmacy. The Gospel is shared with everyone who is interested.


Anyone welcome

Cost:Approximately $2,800
Location:Kenya, Malawi, Mauritania, and Mexico
Length:10 days to 3 weeks
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

ContactSteven Blew
Address636 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas, 66101, USA