Nurses for the Nations (N4N)

Nursing services:

Nurses for the Nations assists service outreach organizations and local international churches to develop sustainable programs at the indigenous level in developing countries in their remote villages through:

  • Global Health Improvement Programs:  GHI programs focus on targeted health issues through testing and nursing treatment to make an impact
  • Health Teaching and Training Programs:  HTT programs raise quality of life through education and training about disease, poverty, social and welfare issues (nutrition, water, sanitation, hygiene)
  • Health Village Sustainability Programs:  HVS programs engage individuals at the ‘village’ level by inviting them to be active participants in N4N programs and outreach

Our programs cover a wide range of health and welfare issues and more:

-Those afflicted and living with HIV/AIDS and other associated disorders
-Those infected with Malaria, TB, Hepatitis or malnutrition disorders
-Individuals or children who are physically, sexually or emotionally abused
-Outcasts in society
-Individuals who have physical disfigurements that exclude them from human touch or altruistic love
-Those suffering from extreme malnutrition
We also provide small micro-finance opportunities to those natives who assist us during our outreach in the remote areas we serve
-Individuals, especially women and children living in squalor or unhealthy environments
-Pregnant women with little or no prenatal care
-Children and infants sick from worms and parasites and other disorders
-Dying individuals without compassionate care, comfort or spiritual support
-Those who need training and education to improve their quality of life
-Economically depressed, poor or devastated areas and people that have no access to health care
-Poor hygiene practices
-Women and children of working age who have no life-skills


RN’s with at least on full year of clinical nursing experience.  Pediatric and OB/GYN nurses especially welcomed.  FNP and adult NP’s also needed.Nursing Students and lay individuals who desire to serve with us are also welcome. We train and prepare all of our participants

Cost:$1,400 - $2,700 depending on country
Location:Presently in Zimbabwe, Africa, Ghana, Ecuador
Length:7 - 12 days
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

Organization email:
ContactMary McMahon, RN, Founder and President
AddressPO BOX #577, Richmond Hill, Georgia, 31324, USA