Grace the Americas formerly Pro Papa Missions America

Nursing services:

ProPapa is a non-profit organization run by dedicated volunteers. We are a small charity, based in the U.S., targeting the very poor of Latin America. ProPapa is driven by people like you – busy with families, school, careers, and other commitments. Yet, having witnessed the oppressive poverty in Honduras and elsewhere in Central America, many have chosen to make time in our lives to perform volunteer work with ProPapa. We are involved in many different ways: going on Brigades overseas into poverty stricken regions, soliciting gifts or making donations, helping run the organization, packing supplies, or approaching organizations in our communities to donate medical supplies or equipment, etc. Learn more about our initiatives and consider sharing some of your most valuable resource – time! In doing so, your efforts will directly lessen the pain of object poverty, but more importantly you’ll leave behind–HOPE.  The Medical Team is one part of the ProPapa Brigade. A typical brigade consists of medical, dental, pharmacy, and eye teams. The Medical Team treats patients for many diseases and infections, and often sees trauma cases. When necessary, we refer patients in dire need to medical clinics and hospitals, or connect them to our surgery brigades. Each year ProPapa works in different parts of the country, ranging from the mountainous regions to the coastal areas and river valleys. These teams render care in a “field environment.” ProPapa treats all patients with professionalism, always aware of our limitations and respecting the dignity of those who come for help. During a typical Brigade, over 3000 patients can be seen between the medical, dental and eye teams.


Spanish useful but not required. Anesthetist specialty useful for a Special Orthopedic Brigade. Otherwise no requirements.

Cost:$1,200 including transportation, living arrangements, etc
Length:11 days
Faith based:No

Contact information

Address603 John S. Mosby Dr., Wilmington, North Carolina, 28412, USA
Phone910-395-0430 (fax: 910-395-4596)