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Project Helping Hands was established in 1994. We have sponsored over 50 humanitarian medical teams to various countries around the world, including the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Bolivia, Nigeria, the Sudan, Honduras, Liberia, and Kenya. Project Helping Hands is recognized by the United States Government as a not-for-profit organization. We regularly organize and execute humanitarian medical trips that may be of medical, surgical, dental, public health or educational focus.  Our teams are composed of volunteers, both medical and non-medical, who are willing to commit two weeks of their time to helping the less fortunate. Team members must apply to join one of the Project Helping Hands teams and if selected to be a part of the team, are responsible for raising funds to pay for their trip as well as assisting with the collection of needed medications and medical supplies. While each of our trips is unique, we cater to the sense of adventure at the same time we provide humanitarian medical care. Team members often find themselves travelling via land, or boat to remote locations. Opportunities to experience the culture of the people and enjoy the country are provided. Many teams will experience rugged conditions, which may include hiking, boating, sleeping on the floor and being in areas without electricity or running water.


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Cost:Varies by destination
Location:Bolivia, Uganda, Liberia, Kenya, Haiti, Sudan, Phillipines, Dominican Republic
Length:2 weeks
Faith based:No

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ContactJeff Solheim, RN, CEN, CFRN, Director
ContactKristen Funk-Tracy, Projram Director
AddressP.O. Box 92094, Portland, Oregon, 97292, USA