Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps

Nursing services:

The Remote Area Medical® (RAM) Volunteer Corps is a non-profit, volunteer, airborne relief corps dedicated to serving mankind by providing free health care, dental care, eye care, veterinary services, and technical and educational assistance to people in remote areas of the United States and the world. Founded in 1985, Remote Area Medical® is a publicly supported all-volunteer charitable organization. Volunteer doctors, nurses, pilots, veterinarians and support workers participate in expeditions (at their own expense) in some of the world’s most exciting places. Medical supplies, medicines, facilities and vehicles are donated. The primary purpose of the Rural AMerica Program is to provide vision and dental care for underserved areas of the US. The vision care team of RAM provides people with eye exams and eyeglasses to improve their present circumstances and better see the world around them. For some, a pair of glasses may allow them to drive more safely, get a job or better execute their present job. For others, reading glasses will allow them to read more comfortably or thread a needle for the first time in years. The main service to be provided by the RN is to triage all patients before they receive vision, dental and some medical services.


Current nursing license. All RAM volunteers pay for their own transportation to domestic medical clinics and their own lodging. Meals provided at no cost by host community USA- Practice allowed per state laws and Compact licensure Law

Cost:Transportation and lodging
Location:USA and overseas
Length:USA-Saturdays and Sundays Overseas clinics require 10-21 days
Faith based:No

Contact information

Address1834 Beech Street, Knoxville, Tennessee, 37920, USA