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Nursing services:

As health authorities in Ghana are seriously working hard to improve the health system in Ghana, so as R.V.O-Ghana has taking it upon ourselves to assist with the improvement of the health services in Ghana by inviting trained and pre-trained health professionals and volunteers with the interest across the world to come and volunteer in some of the health centers of Ghana.

Most of these placements are in the poor communities in Ghana where health professionals are needed most. R.V.O-Ghana organizes placement for volunteers who are interested in working at the childcare and
maternity hospital. In this project, volunteers are expected to work alongside the local Nurses and Doctors; The work is mostly depending on volunteer’s level of knowledge, experience and skill. Through this project, we aim to increase access to basic healthcare for rural people, providing public health services in all aspects of clinical nursing, with a primary health work with the community nurses and promote health education in the villages.

Role of a Volunteer
The work is mostly depending on volunteer’s level of knowledge, experience and skill. Volunteers would be mainly involved in care of patients, replacing bandages, checking blood pressure, first aid treatment, assisting in the delivery of babies, weighing of babies.
• Assist doctors and nurses in local hospitals
• Change bandages
• Take blood pressure
• Educating people on basic prevention and first aid / healthcare education
Health volunteers must have the proof of qualification as a health professional, medical student, doctor or nurse. Volunteers must have medical background to volunteer in this project. Pre-medical student must also indicate their interest on the application form. R.V.O-GHANA manages room/food for volunteer. Volunteers live with host families and we manage a separate room and local meals three times a day. Volunteer will also have regular visitation to project site and host family, 24hrs every week access to our office in Ghana and mobile number of our coordinators. Our staffs also visit volunteers every week as part of the program.


English Language, Medical personnel, nursing students and pre nursing students

Location:Kumasi, Ghana
Length:2 - 8 weeks
Faith based:No

Contact information

AddressBox ry 655 railways, Kumasi, Alabama, 2345, Ghana
Phone233 244591378