SHIFSD (Self-Help Initiative for Sustainable Development, Inc.

Nursing services:

SHIFSD exists to reduce social causes of poverty through access to education and economic empowerment with focus on women and children. We believe that through ensuring access to education and economic empowerment for disadvantaged people, SHIFSD will be contributing to a reduction in poor governance, human rights violations, and other social imbalances which breeds abject poverty and conflicts. SHIFSD also seeks to contribute to sustainable peace and local economic development in West Africa. The Self Help Initiative for Sustainable Development (SHIFSD), formerly known as People United to Serve Humanity (PUSH), in November of the 2000, was borne out of the founder’s desire to payback something to society and be a part of the wind of social change blowing in the sub-region with particular emphasis on his motherland – Liberia. It has always been the founder’s belief that no amount of aid from outside can liberate any group of people unless they see the need to liberate themselves. Our organization is a small one with some of its staff and volunteers having little technical know how or knowledge and skills relative to the programs or project activities that SHIFSD currently run. Therefore, all individual intern or volunteer positions available in the organization are intended help build the capacity of our local volunteers and staff as well as transfer knowledge and or skills to the community at large. We will be glad for our international interns and volunteers to empower particularly SHIFSD’s local staff members and volunteers through knowledge transfer and the sourcing of resources both cash and in-kind necessary for the growth and development of SHIFSD as well as the achieve its organizational goals. The Nurse would function as a Health Educator. Some duties would be: conducting sexual and reproductive health education training workshops with focus on HIV/AIDS and STD’s, First Aid, basic hygiene, Nutrition, etc; Assessing existing health ecuation activities and making recommendations; Developing intervention strategies and aid in their implementation; and Supervising the School Lunch Program and health lessons.


Current nursing license

Cost:Travel, $50/month for secure guest house and everyday costs while in Africa
Location:Accra, Ghana, AFRICA
Length:1 week - years
Faith based:No

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Organization email:
AddressBuduburam Refugee Settlement, C/O NMP Box 46 State House, Accra, , 0, GHANA, AFRICA