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Description of the service to be provided by the volunteer nurse:: Lack of quality health care for vulnerable children especially fro the streets led us to come up with the STREET MEDICINE PROGRAM
Street children’s lives revolve around survival. They tackle health problems by finding their own strategies to overcome or cope with them. Often, street children neglect or treat illnesses on their own for as long as they can. This behavior often aggravates their health problems. Street children often attempt self-medication, such as applying ‘masala’ (spices) or ‘chuna’ (quicklime) to wounds, drinking ‘soda’ for Castro-intestinal problems, and taking over-the-counter drugs for all kinds of infections. In addition, recourse to addictive substances is seen as an alternative to dealing with all kinds of physical, mental and emotional health problems. Health care seeking by street children is usually restricted by a number of factors,including the availability of resources, knowledge of health centers; time spent seeking care, travel distance, and faith in the health provider (clinics and doctors’).A number of street children like other children, fear doctors and hospitals. Most street children are also unable to access public health services due to improper behavior of hospital staff. Street children and NGOs also report that doctors refuse to treat or operate needy street children because of their unclean appearance. Often public hospitals expect street children to pay user fees and purchase medicines from private medical shops. As a result many of them do not complete their treatment.
We are working with street children appear to provide easy access. Around more than a third of the children get health services from NGOs, and a fifth of the children reported that the NGO officials take care of them during their illness. However when asked organizational assistance almost all (96.67%) said that they did not get any assistance from any governmental organization that work with street children and are thus unaware of their role and existence.
SKFI have come up with this idea  for the aim of  helping them to access the basic health services to improves and maintain their health basically on wounds care management  and mental health therapy since many of them suffered from trauma and depression,we would like to provide this service as part of the child rights


We don’t have any requirements but if we find someone who can speak English it will be better and he/she will also be able to work with children


Cost:airfare, we do not charge volunteers but we would like our potential volunteers to contribute at least USD 5 a day for the food
Length:One to three months
Faith based:No

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AddressKahama Street,P.o Box 11165 Mwanza Tanzania, Mwanza, Alabama, 33205, Tanzania