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Nursing services:

Patient Navigation Program for Children with Medically Complex Conditions and their Families. Training for new volunteer navigators. The Patient Navigation Program at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children provides an invaluable resource for families of children with
medically complex conditions. The goal of the program is to identify and decrease barriers to care, promote autonomy, and empower families to gain the skills necessary to navigate today’s complex healthcare system to achieve optimum health and quality of life for their child.

St. Mary’s Hospital for Children is currently seeking volunteers who
• Caring and Compassionate
• Sensitive and non-judgmental
• Resourceful and knowledgeable about the needs of medically complex children
• Culturally-attuned to the people and community being served

Volunteer parents/caregivers/retired professionals who have experience with medically complex children will be trained to assist families of
children who are currently inpatients at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children to: identify barriers to care and services, assist with
organization and coordination of care, schedule appointments, connect with services and community resources, promote informed
decision-making/advocacy skills, and provide emotional support. Parents of children who are medically complex must be at least 3 years
out of diagnosis and cannot be a current inpatient family at St Mary’s. We are seeking a volunteer commitment of one year, 3-4 hours
per week, day or evening. In addition, patient navigators will attend bi-monthly meetings.


Previous experience working with children, families of medically complex children, special needs children.

Cost:Transportation to hospital
Location:Onsite childrens hospital Bayside Queens New york
Length:3-4 hours week, weekdays, evenings, weekends
Faith based:Yes

Contact information

ContactNancy Speller RN MS
Address29-01 216 Street, Bayside, New York, 11360, USA
Phone718 281 3985