Ti Kay Inc.

Web address:www.tikayhaiti.org
Nursing services:

Ti Kay is a nonprofit organization that provides quality care to Tuberculosis and HIV patients in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Ti Kay works
to not only cure Tuberculosis patients, but also to prevent the spread of the disease by closely following patients in the outpatient setting
to ensure they complete their treatment. We have approximately 50 inpatients and 800 outpatients. The nurse would be primarily caring
for patients with tuberculosis and HIV in an inpatient setting, though there are opportunities to work with outpatients as well. Patient
acuity ranges from patients almost ready for discharge to patients who would be in an ICU if they were in a first world country. Skills most
needed include IV placement, NG tube placement and an ability to be flexible and think outside of the box


R.N. License

Location:Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Length:Minimum of 1 week
Faith based:No

Contact information

Organization email:tikayhaiticoordination@gmail.com
ContactMegan Coffee
Address320 Wyoming Ave, Maplewood, New Jersey, 7040, USA