Tsum Valley Medical Mission

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Nursing services:

RN’s will triage patients with translation provided to include: vital signs, a complete history including demographic data, medications, herbs, chief complaint, past medical history, visits out of the Tsum for care, allergies, and a complete review of systems. Data will be entered on a form on a lap top computer. Occasionally injections will be given and rarely an IV start and maintenance. Lab tests including random glucose and hemoglobin may be done according to specific criteria. Each patient will be given a toothbrush and preventive dental education.
Advanced practice registered nurses with family practice certification will provide primary care based on triage findings in the context of addressing the patient’s chief complaint(s.)  Women’s health providers (female only related to cultural consideration) will obtain pap smears and provide education pertinent to women’s health and contraception.  Obstetrical care is occasionally required but clinicians who are not trained in OB are required to provide care. Additional primary care can be provided according to the clinician’s chosen scope of practice.


RN’s should hold a current state license.  A minimum of one year of experience is ideal.
APRN’s should be board certified in their specialty and hold a state license. A minimum of two years experience in primary care is ideal for family practice and adult clinicians.  One year experience for midwives and women’s health clinicians is ideal.
Volunteers need to be moderately fit for hiking in the Himalaya (non technical at 5,000 to 11,400 feet with gradual increase in altitude over 7 days.) Any medical problems should be stable before departure.
A tolerance for challenges common to conditions in an emerging nation like Nepal is important. Bathing and toileting conditions are primitive. We make every effort to keep patient flow manageable; however, patients may come in groups from outlying areas.
Travel insurance including medical evacuation is mandatory.  We do carry IV solution and splinting material and an emergency pack. Our meals, accommodations, and trekking needs are provided through Tsum Valley Trekking and Expeditions. Volunteers need only carry a day pack.
Equipment needed includes an external battery pack, duffle bag, rain gear, good hiking boots, lap top computer or Ipad — a list is available on request.
Fear of heights is prohibitive although risk of falling is nil.
We pick you up at the airport at Kathmandu and everything is prearranged. You need only show up!

Cost:3200 USD inclusive of everything but flights, personal goodies, and tips to the trekking team and translators
Location:Tsum Valley, Gorkha District, Nepal
Length:23 days including internation flight time
Faith based:No

Contact information

Organization email:rachelfrazin01@gmail.com
ContactRachel Frazin, APRN, MSN, BC Family Practice
Address1841 DAYTON AVENUE, SAINT PAUL, Minnesota, 55104, USA