Vietnam Emergency Medicine Project

Nursing services:

The Good Samaritans had been working in Vietnam since 2000 with the first Summer Mission and medical education became part of the agenda in 2003 when the team came to work at Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy. Despite working directly at the Medical College which has a nursing program, the Good Samaritans were not able to contribute to the growing nursing needs of the College and University Hospital.  All that changed when the First National Emergency Medicine Symposium were organized in 2010. Because of the large contigent of EM physicians coming to Hue, interests for Nursing education also grew and 8 US Registered Nurses came together and organized the first Nursing Conference, chaired by Michele Suter, RN.  The success of this first conference wasn’t about what was taught but it was about relationship. The US nurses developed such a bond with local nurses and they simply can’t ignore their new found colleagues’ needs. As soon as they left Hue in March 2010 they began to plot their return.  In November 2010, three nurses from Hue University Hospital came to Riverside Community Hospital in Riverside, California for a 2 month educational training, working in the medical-surgical ward, Emergency Room and Critical Care Departments.  Out of those experiences and compared to their needs at home, these 3 nurses helped plan for the 2011 Nursing Conference. That began a new chapter for Nursing Education in Vietnam. The next chapter is to be written in Hanoi in March 2012. Come with us and help change a life!   Nurses will provide weekly didactic sessions focusing on Emergency Nursing Core Curriculum topics (These topics would be listed on the website and chosen after discussion with Dr. Crane prior to the nurses’s rotation).  Nurses will also provide side by side teaching of nurses in both hospitals encompassing (5) 8 hour shifts per week.  For those nurses with advanced degrees, meeting with nursing administrators in Hue to discsuss implementing changes in emergency nursing scope of practice or new skills that are identified as needed while there – this would be done in conjunction with the leadership of the Vietname Emergency Medicine Project.


CV (resume) and professional credentials are required in advance – normally at least 3 months.  English is understood by many medical staff; French by the older generation or those who have studied abroad; ideal if Vietnamese speaker is in the group, but not necessary.

Cost:International ($800-$1,500) / In-Country ($200) flights; Housing in Hue ($12/day at Samaritan House), Food ($3-$10 day)
Location:Hue City in Central Vietnam
Length:1-12 months
Faith based:No

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Organization email:
ContactHeather Crane, M.D. (contact for nursing rotations)
ContactCarter Hill, M.D.
Address4343 Market St., Suite D, Riverside, California, 92501, USA