Kathleen Kenny and Midwives for Haiti

Overall, the trip to Haiti went well. I worked with Midwives for Haiti which is truly an amazing organization. I was planning on helping
to train the Haitian midwifery students. My knowledge is the most valuable thing I have to offer, and from a sustainability perspective, I felt this would have been the best use of my time. Unfortunately, when I arrived, I was told the midwifery students were taking exams for the week and I would have no contact with them. I had to switch gears.
Instead, I provided direct patient care, which I was very happy to do, just not the the best use of my skill set, in my opinion. I did two prenatal outreach clinics, staffed the birthing center for two days, and worked on the maternity ward in the hospital in Hinche. Haiti is the most dangerous country to give birth in the Western Hemisphere. Midwives for Haiti is training Haitian midwives to be skilled birth attendants and there efforts are making an impact on maternal/child health in a very impoverished country.
The hardest thing I did was go to the Azil feeding center in Hinche. It is a place for children who are suffering from malnutrition. The children are brought to the center out of love. These children are not orphans. There families do not have enough feed for them and the children are literally starving to death. I went and helped the staff feed the children during mealtime. I am certain that many of the children who i helped feed are no longer living today. It was very disturbing to see so many children starving to death. As a reminder, Hating is only about 600 miles from the USA. On an airplane it’s a hour and half flight from Port-Au-Prince to Miami. It’s not right.