Malawi Changed my Life by Karly Gilbert

In January, a Malawian-run outpatient clinic was opened on our campus. This has improved access to year-round healthcare for our community significantly!! Therefore, we found that many of the children DSC01753had already been treated for infections and wounds that normally are neglected until our arrival.  We examined about 650 children during our wellness clinic.  We were able to work alongside the national clinic staff throughout the experience, specifically with the clinical officer, pharmacy technician, and wound care specialist.  Because our staff are already skilled in their areas, we were able to learn from each other and patient education dramatically improved due to our translators already being knowledgeable in the subject area.  I was in Malawi in January as a part of the team that prepared the outpatient clinic for inspection and registration, so I was specifically encouraged to see the clinic up and running and bringing such a benefit to the community!

 My husband and I have been praying about moving to Malawi full-time over the last year and we have now officially committed to a 2-year contract!  We will be moving to Malawi this fall (approximately October or November).  A part of this May-June trip included making plans for when we return.  One day I was able to sit with the clinic staff and we made plans for the next step of healthcare development in our community: opening a maternal care center.  This will include DSC02845services such as prenatal checkups and prenatal classes, a waiting hostel for women in their 9thmonth, labor and delivery ward, postpartum ward, and postpartum education and breastfeeding classes.  We are so excited about how well the current clinic is running and benefiting the community, and we cannot wait to get started on the next phase of healthcare development in our community!