ONE NURSE AT A TIME – Changing the World One Nurse at a Time

     ONE NURSE AT A TIME (ONAAT) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization created by nurses who are passionate about giving back to their local and global community through volunteer and humanitarian medical pursuits. We are dedicated to assisting other nurses enhance our profession as they too, look for opportunities to serve locally, nationally and internationally.
      One Nurse At A Time was co-founded by Sue Averill and Staci Kelley in 2007as a private, volunteer staffed, nonsectarian, nonpolitical organization whose mission is to encourage and support nurses in humanitarian work both at home and abroad. Both serve as officers for the organization: Sue as President and Treasurer; and Staci as Vice President and Secretary. In 2010 they added Nancy Harless as Communications Officer whose role is to increase public awareness of ONAAT in the media. ONAAT is currently taking applications for volunteers. You may summit your letter of interest and CV via email to:
     ONAAT currently provides a three prong approach that supports nurses in their volunteer endeavors: 1) We provide an annually updated Central Data Base of organizations who  provide medical missions internationally, and in the United States of America. 2) We offer nursing scholarships to nurses who volunteer abroad to help defer their cost of volunteer and 3) We provide networking between nurses and with the general public. This is a huge part of our organization and vital to encouraging nurses to get involved in humanitarian and volunteer nursing.   We speak at public forums, maintain an active presence on Internet social networks, write articles and stories; and we reach out and to educate the public regarding the depth and breadth of humanitarian nursing. 
     We are funded through donations, fund raisers and grants and are committed to returning 80%, or more, of the monies raised through these sources toward nursing scholarships. A smaller amount of the annual budget goes toward operational expenses. In keeping with the model of transparency ONAAT maintains pristine records and makes all financial records available to the public on an annual basis and upon request. You can easily make tax-deductable donations via our website by credit card or Pay Pal.