Anne Daly

Anne DalyMy name is Anne Daly, and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love to ski and it is one of the reasons I live here – this ski season is turning out to be a great one! I also love to travel, and, I am about to go to Africa for the first time – Kenya – with an organization that I really enjoy working with. It is PINCC, or, Prevention International, No Cervical Cancer. This is a NGO based out of Oakland, CA and it works to establish  screening  for cervical cancer (still a big problem in developing countries)  in local communities by using a one-step screening process. This is important because the pap testing that we are often used to requires a lot of infrastructure and coordination – that often is not possible in these countries.

With these trips I have the privilege of getting to know a small part of the community into which we are welcomed – in a deeper way than I would by just being a tourist. I also get to teach and interact with local health professionals and I learn so much from them. More, I sometimes think, than they might learn from me!! Being of service – wherever it might be, in any agency, community, location anywhere in the world, is profoundly gratifying for me and I am honored and privileged to be able to do this with the help of organizations that support these causes. I also feel a little less “alone” when I know I am going with the support of others – and that is extremely gratifying.

When I am not volunteering, I work at two different places in Salt Lake City providing primary care as a nurse practitioner. I am at the Veteran’s Administration Health Care System in Salt Lake City, and at the Salt Lake Community College in the student health care center. This combo has been working beautifully for the last 7 years and I continue to love what I do in both places! What good fortune!

One goal I have is to stay healthy enough to continue to be able to travel and experience the world as I do – and hopefully continue to make small but noticeable positive changes as I walk through this journey of life.