Dale Bowers

Dale BowerI am 47 years young with a wonderful husband of nearly 25 years and two daughters ages 16 and 11. We live on a 30 ac farm south of Atlanta in Newnan, Ga. I ride horses-3 day eventers- in my “spare time”. I love to play in the dirt, hike, kayak, and read. I am also learning needlepoint and quilting. (My girls tell me those are “old lady” pasttimes!)

I don’t like cold weather or fast food or being idle.

In my former life, I was a Law Enforcement officer with the State of Georgia–Game Warden–because my first passion is wildlife conservation and protection of our environment. Sadly, I found it to be unsatisfying because that was not what I was doing. I wanted to make a difference–not constantly be shot at or arresting people. My other love, travel, took me into a short career of leading Adventure travel for women with Adventures in Good Company. I remember, tho, standing on top of a mesa in New Mexico realizing there was still something greater out there for me and my desire to make a difference. So, at age 41, I went back to school and became a nurse! I found my calling and have never been happier.

I work at Grady Hospital in Atlanta in the ER. We are a level 1 trauma center as well as the number 1 stroke, burn, and cardiac center. As a county hospital, we don’t turn anyone away. We truly see it all.

I find time monthly to volunteer at our local Samaritan clinic that serves the underprivileged and uninsured within our community.

Currently, I have my application in at Ga. State and UAB and Frontier for graduate school–to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I truly have my fingers crossed for UAB and will find out about mid-May.

My heart’s desire to serve as a medical mission worker is finally being realized with this trip. I am looking forward to the opportunity and a chance to meet all of you!

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