Deborah Skovran

DeborahDeborah is currently employed in her 33rd year as a RN at University of Maryland Medical Center in the NICU.  

In February Deborah will participate in her 14th mission with the Ecuadent Foundation of Baltimore. The foundation completes two to three free surgical/medical and dental missions each year for children in need in various cities in Ecuador.  With Ecuadent, Deborah functions in the role of PACU nursing coordinator; providing post anesthesia care to children following repair of congenital craniofacial anomalies, etc..  Along with her clinical role Deborah has organized a comprehensive discharge plan of care for children and their families, has created charting tools for all phases of hospital intervention as well as a clinical orientation/reference manual for nursing volunteers. She has very recently implemented WHO safe surgical outcome guidelines in Ecuadorian host hospitals. 

Deborah holds an ADN, RN.  Her interests include national and international events that affect the health and wellness of disadvantaged/ displaced persons; whether such events are intentional or the consequence of natural occurring events.  She enjoys the study of geography and enjoys following the roles of various non-profits and NGOs.  


Deborah is married, has 2 adult children and is very happily, a first time grandmother.