Deborah Thayer

Deborah ThayerDeborah Thayer is a registered nurse in Petersburg VA. Graduated nursing school in 2008. Worked on Medical-Surgical Unit for 7 years and is currently working on the Joint-Spine Unit. Is the daughter of a housewife and retired sergeant major in the army and has traveled extensively learning how to integrate with people of many cultural and social backgrounds. She has one son who is currently serving as a captain in the US Army, living in El Paso, TX with his wife, Katima and dog Rayner. She is the youngest of 3 children. Has a dog, Cody, who is her best friend. In her spare time, she enjoys numerous crafts, spending time with family and friends and taking her dog for walks in the park. This is her first time traveling to Honduras on a medical mission and is very excited to serve those in need as well as learn from them. She will be traveling with the Friends of Barnabas Foundation with approximately 15 others.