Jo Sullivan

Jo SullivanGreetings from Kentucky. I am Josephine an OR nurse in Louisville, Kentucky at Norton Healthcare main OR and Kosair Children’s Hospital OR for 32 years. I have the privilege of helping with all manner of operations on adults and children. Lucky me—I still love operations after 30 years.

My Associate Degree in Nursing 1981 is from the University of Louisville.

My family hosted an exchange student from Quito, Ecuador. At 7 years old I told Paulina that “Some day I will go to your Country.” So 40+ years later, I accompanied two Healing the Children surgical teams to Ecuador in 2012. Portoviejo in February we accomplished 87 procedures in two ORs in four days. (I was the only experienced OR staff member for both rooms.) In April, Bahia de Caraquez where we performed 70 operations in 4.5 days. These trips confirmed for me, that I am a better OR nurse than any other  thing I do.

Travel is my passion. I have made a dozen international trips since age 18. Several were longer than a month. I have also seen much of this country. I am always up for a road trip.

I have a small business, Madam Lady Josephine’s Twisted Beaded Baubles. I peddle bead and fabric crafts at Renaissance Festivals and craft fairs. I will never get rich but it does pay for itself.