Kathryn McCarty

jos nurses - Kathryn McCartyI have been a nurse for more than thirty years.  I started out as an LPN working with the elderly in a nursing home. Two years later I moved away from my home town in New York State to Texas and started working in a hospital.  I took care of surgical patients, and HIV patients during the height of the AIDS epidemic while studying for my RN, BSN. After eight years of school and working full time I finally graduated.  I decided to move on to the Northwest and have lived in Seattle since.

I have worked for Swedish Hospital for 23 years.  I spent seven years on a GYN/Surgical unit which also included GYN Oncology and became Chemotherapy Certified.  Two years after that were spent in the float pool working on a variety of Med/Surg units.  After having my first child I spent two years working on a Short Stay Surgical unit. Then my greatest love of all for nursing came when I started working in the Emergency Department. I spent 11 years working at Swedish Cherry Hill Campus.  I was exposed to a much more diverse population from various parts of the world and many who do not speak English.  I learned to incorporate their cultural beliefs with modern medicine to promote health.

I learned how to use translators and provide education to patient and families. I became aware of my own cultural beliefs and the influence it has on my practice.  I feel I not only grew as a nurse but as a person.

I believe in giving back to our communities locally and globally and look forward to going on a medical Mission with Guatemala Village Health.  I am grateful to “One Nurse At a Time” for giving me this opportunity of a life time.

Presently I am working in the PACU and spend weekends at home with my family.  I am married and have two daughters, 11 and 15. I also love the outdoors and love all sorts of activities.