Kerra Plesko

Edna - Kerra PleskoCanadian nurse, Kerro Plesko, RN joins the team, Nurses for Edna traveling to Hargeisa, Somaliland in August. She replaces nurse, Beth Langlais who is unable to participate in the mission this year due to personal circumstances.

Kerra grew up in a small town in Northern British Columbia. She graduated from the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, British Columbia in 2007.

A certified perinatal nurse, Kerra is currently working as a RN in a Maternity unit in Prince George where she is responsible for antepartum, Labor &Delivery and postpartum care. Kerra also serves as a preceptor for new nurses.  

Kerra is a  seasoned traveler having spent time in Thailand and south Korea as well as most of North America and has traveled “All over Europe.” This will be the first, of what she hopes are many, medical missions for Kerra. She has a passion for travelling and is ecstatic to combine her love of travel with her passion towards women’s healthcare.

“I’m looking forward to getting out and seeing what medicine is like across the world, said Kerra. ‘I know what it’s like in Canada; I know what it’s like in the States, but I don’t know how it is across the world and I so think it’s important to see  how things are done in different areas. If you can either pull from their strengths, or learn from their weaknesses. I’m excited to see how another culture does L & D and I really excited to see how a different culture handles the same thing we do. I am excited to teach them what I know and learn from them what they know.”

“ I’ve always had a dream of nursing in South Africa and together with One Nurse At  A Time and amazing sponsors like Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, that dream is coming true! Thank you so much!”