Mickey Guerreo

MIckeyMichelle (Mickey) Guerreo, RN was our fourth scholarship recipient in 2011 and now again in 2013.  Mickey will graduate with her BSN in September. She has been an ER nurse at a 60 bed inner city Emergency Department for seven 7 years, and the night shift charge nurse for two of those years. Prior to being a nurse, Mickey worked as a unit coordinator in the ER and post-op units. Mickey is passionate about, and dedicated to Emergency Nursing. She is active in her hospital community, as well as her local and church community. Mickey travels to Vietnam for three weeks, once a year, to lecture on Emergency Nursing and procedures. In 2011 she was the Co-Chair of the Vietnam EM Symposium and organized the whole thing. It is her travels that have prompted her to advance her career. Her goal is to get her Masters in Public Health.