Return from Guatemala by Reema Khalaf

IMG_5307I can’t believe it’s been a week since I came back from my mission trip!
It was a very rewarding, gratifying experience I ever had in my life. I am so glad I was able to go and help needy people. I was assigned to do the gynecology room. We did 10 abdominal hysterectomy, 1 fallopian cyst removal and 2 D&C. It was a hard work, 12 hours day minimum, but totally¬† worth it. First day going to the hospital was very emotional. When the bus approached the hospital, people were waiting for us. Inside the building wasn’t big enough to accommodate all the people, so some had to wait outside. We went inside to greet the Guatemalan people, and after Dr. Hartz finished his speech, people started to pray for us.. it was very touchy and everyone cried. I was so pleased to have an 18 years old Guatemalan high schooler in my room observing( he’s in the picture with me and my scrub). He was so eager to learn, and very helpful in turning over the room, and helping me clean the room too. I taught him a lot, I saw a bright future in him, and he gave me a hope!
This trip made me grow in every way and find myself! Yes, we made a different in the Guatemalan people, but as much as we did for them, they left us with a positive rewarding experience.
Thanks One Nurse At A time for giving me the opportunity to be part of the gratifying experience.