See the World, Change the World with Health Volunteers Overseas

What if your volunteer assignment could save lives and improve patient outcomes long after your service ended?

Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) ensures that short-term volunteer assignments have long-term impact.

HVO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality and availability of care in resource-scarce countries by providing education, training and professional development opportunities to health workers in those countries. HVO sends hundreds of volunteers each year to project sites around the globe, where they connect with local students and health care providers to share the knowledge they have gained from their years of professional experience. By building local capacity and addressing the unique needs of each project site, HVO ensures its work has a long-term impact on collaborating institutions and the patient populations they serve. As HVO volunteer Linda Baumann, PhD, RN, CS described after returning from an assignment in Uganda:

“This trip to Uganda was an example of how long term relationships with local health professionals and volunteers who learn and listen to their needs can come together to result in a synergistic experience for both parties. We were able to bring added value to the ongoing work in diabetes care and training being done by the physicians and nurses at Mulago Hospital and the staff at the nursing school of Makerere University.”

By volunteering with HVO, you will improve the knowledge and skills of local health workers, and the patients they serve will benefit from your work long after you have returned home.

HVO has current need for experienced nurse educators and nurse practitioners (with master’s or doctoral level credentials) who are interested in completing a short-term assignment at one of our nursing education project sites. In addition, we have opportunities for nurse specialist volunteers at our wound and lymphedema, hematology and oncology project sites around the globe. Visit our website to learn more about current volunteer opportunities in nursing.