Helen Jose, RN

Board Member

Helen Jose was born in Seattle, Washington and has lived in Washington all of her life. Helen is a mother of three and lives on the beach at Ocean Shores, Washington. Her passions are “One Nurse At A Time, hunting for treasures on the beach, lapidary and just walking with her husband and favorite dog friend, Augie. Two of her children have served in the military and two of her grandchildren are currently serving. She is mother, wife, grandmother, friend, caregiver and most of all a nurse.

She was one of the first 500 nurses to maintain an accreditation in Critical Care Nursing for more than twenty-five years and received acknowledgment in the form of an award from the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Helen also maintained certification in Emergency Department Nursing while working in that department.

When it became clear that electronic health records were to become a reality, not wanting someone that did not understand care at the bedside to decide what needed to be documented, she focused on informatics nursing. She earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Informatics and Patient Centered Technologies from the University of Washington.

Helen has served on the board of One Nurse At A Time since 2009 and has been a monetary contributor donating salary hours to the organization.