Surgical Mission to Guatemala by Sherikay Griffith

My surgical Mission trip to Reu  Guatemala was life changing not only for the people who receive these much needed services,but for those of us giving service to the poor and needy.

My team was was performing gall bladder surgery and hernia repair and mass removals both on men and women. My role was that of OR Circulator Nurse.We performed 66 surgeries in four days, my team completed 22 of those .We started at 7 am and completed about 7 pm .I t was approx 45 min bus ride police escorted to and from hotel to the hospital.All supplies were donated and we had what we had and made do with the available supplies..Each team that comes brings in supplies just as we did.My hospital in Alaska donated sutures so i was able to bring those items with me.20160922_134459

We were in country for 10 days and started each day with a prayer and I honestly can say that Christs spirit was with us each day .There was such a calm and peaceful setting in our teams surgical room it was undeniable.The people that we served were so humble and grateful just being in their presence made me strive to be a better person.Most lived in stick house with dirt floors no electricity or running water.They were all so kind and gracious.

These mission trips are self pay and we all use our own time off from work as well.One Nurse At A Time enabled me to participate and for that I am forever grateful. Being part of something that is larger than life and means everything to so many is again life changing.

Another part of our team was Plastic surgery who performed Plastic surgery of children deformed by burns from open fire pits in the houses to cook with and other tumor type removals and repairs. In all we had three teams performing surgery. 30 people came as strangers from different walk of  life with one goal in mind to make a difference and we all came away with a new appreciation of one another when people work together for a common good.